Videographer | Photographer | Designer | Artist | IT | Technologist
Writer | Editor | Marketer | RN | Volunteer Rural Firefighter

I am a documentary film maker, photographer, artist, designer and maker.
I am really a 50:50 creative and technology geek;
which has huge advantages for getting a project from conception, through development and successful launch.

My experience is broad; from filming-making, graphic design, IT technology, web & print-based work, e-learning, healthcare, education, tourism, aviation, gardening and art gallery administration.

I am an active volunteer in various capacities in the Far North of New Zealand, including native plantings, marine conservation, video and design/web work for non-profits and volunteer rural firefighting.

A background in video & photography, audio, design, visual arts, IT, marketing, editing, writing and healthcare allows me to view the world, through the lens, with a focus on the key elements of the story.

Doing what you love is not work. I love what I do. It is interesting, challenging and meaningful.

Jo Armstrong – experience and qualifications

My experience is diverse. I describe myself as a multipotentialite.

  • Diploma in Film & TV Production (South Seas)
      Camera | Lighting |
  • Multimedia & Online Training Developer
  • Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Print
  • Helicopter Ground Crew, Sales & Marketing
  • RN – Surgical/Medical Nursing (North Shore & Auckland City Hospital)
  • Medical Writer, QA, Data Management & Analyst, Software Tester
  • ​Newswriter, Writer, Editor (Bream Bay News & Freelance)
  • Marketer (AUT)
  • Design & Visual Arts (Unitec)
  • Art Gallery Administrator (Geoff Wilson Gallery)